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Did someone say Graphic Novel? Oh dear God please say no.  This is going to be something that will appear if all goes according to plan, in 1 year.

All I can say at the moment is that it will be a series of fairly nice drawings with some unsettling bits and pieces thrown in for good measure.

Ah, we'll see what happens. "Hig-nosh-ial"

(Hats off and a great nod of the head to His Highness M.C.Escher for the cover inspiration)



So here is a small window into my process of comic creation.  I will use the recent example of my contribution to the Romantic Mayhem comic published by National Tragedy.

This is the first page of a 5 page story. In the page below, I have VERY crudely scribbled out the panel layouts with rough dialogue/text, also showing where the text is roughly

to be placed.  Note exactly how bad the drawings are -even to the point where I start to deface the first panel. This often happens when I go into a trance thinking about

what has to come next... click below images for larger versions.



 From the crude layout above, I then draw a pencil version, to scale. This process takes the most amount of time as I often heve to mess around with getting the drawings

to a level that I am happy with and that looks relatively good.  



And so finally it is time to ink the final drawings. I use a light box to trace the pencil page and this gives a very clean finish, I find. Dialogue and header

text are written in after all the main drawings are finished.