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So I was away for a weekend and had nothing to do, so I decided that a rat warrior drawing would be in order, and so I got to work.  From a

tutorial in a newly purchased book.  Perhaps I'll do more, with some Igor based surgery...


Another consequence of having to deal with the people in the pharmacy, is that they often prescribe the wrong dosage,or the wrong drugs altogether!

Luckily for Igor, seen below, Vantwisty is able to help him with his dilema...  

Some penciled sequence from Vol.2.



So this is a little taste of things to come in vol.2.  Yes, I know this has been dragging out for way too long, tell me about it. I've seen deadlines come and go and come and go.

But the good news is that it is progressing bit by bit, day by day and I am very happy with the results.  Shown below is a snippet of what it is like to have an irate fully grown

brown kangaroo administer a sedative via the pie hole without your consent. The results are alarming, if you catch my drift. Pencils for the minute. Ink soon...